Letter to Steve Martin

Posted by on Aug 26, 2003 in Letters

After watching L.A. Story and finding numerous parallels between Steve Martin’s character and myself, I decided to write him a letter. I’d always been a big fan, and I thought that a personal story might be a good way to connect with him. On his web site, it says that letters to him should be filled with tons of praise, so I crafted my letter accordingly.

Never got a response.

Steve Martin
P.O. Box 929
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Mr. Martin,

My name is Jeff. I feel silly writing you because I’m pretty sure that this letter will get lost in the mountain of mail you get every day.

I did some research on your life and your work, and I was impressed, time after time, with your ability to be funny and stay smart at the same time. Your turns from comedy to drama and back to comedy are marvelous. Planes, Trains & Automobiles is another one of my favorites. You make a fabulous straight man. I wonder which of your movies is your favorite.

I just recently watched L.A. Story, and it was magical. It affected me in a way no movie has in a long time. I, too, moved to LA when I was younger, and absolutely hated it. I, too, fell in love with an English girl, and the distance between us made it difficult. I’m not sure how real the events in the movie really are, but there was no rainstorm to save our relationship. She is now back in London and we have both moved on. After doing some research on the movie, learning that you wrote the script for the semi-autobiographical movie, and finding your web site, I felt like I should write.

You wanted tons of praise, well here it is. Thanks for making funny movies that really mean something to me.

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