My Celebrity Idols

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My Celebrity Idols

Everyone has people they admire, and here are some of my favorites. These folks are talented, smart, rational, articulate. I believe that if you put this bunch in charge of the world, they could fix everything.


Carl Sagan

Divinely articulate. As a kid, I was inspired by his documentaries. As an adult, I am inspired by his books. He’s a big reason I (and so many others) love science. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s recent reboot of Cosmos may have inspired today’s younger generation, but to me, it only served to show how much more eloquently and articulately Sagan was able to organize and deliver his thoughts.

James Randi

This guy offered $1 million of his own money to anyone who could prove paranormal or psychic abilities under scientifically controlled conditions. No one ever claimed the prize. How awesome is that?

The Arts

James Cameron

-2df7a0d6-534a-416e-b02d-0e0dd78b6730A genius, extraordinarily talented filmmaker. By my estimation, he’s the best director who ever lived. Everything feature-length movie he has made since 1984 has been legendary. It was his Terminator 2: Judgment Day that made me go to film school.

Social Issues

Adam Carolla

adam-carollaThe guy is a genius, and his razor-sharp, off-the-cuff wit makes me wonder what he lubricates his brain with. I’m such a fan of Loveline, a radio show that used to be hosted by Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew, that I made a web site for it.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Not a huge fan of his gratuitous provocation, but he makes a lot of brilliant, hard-to-hear points. America would be wise to at least listen to his social criticisms.

Bill Maher

120224_bill_maher_ap_328He takes on any politically charged topic subject with impunity, rationality, articulate wordplay, and a good sense of humor. I find him to be spot on with most topics, even if he’s a little off on others. I’ve become quite fond of his show.

Michael Moore

A guy who makes a lot of great social criticisms with his well-constructed documentaries.

Dan Savage

This guy is smart and articulate and brave enough to tell it like it is on a lot of controversial social issues.

Sam Harris

A painfully articulate critic of organized religion.


2690_rooshv_1361796981Not quite a celebrity, but he’s making a name for himself as a blogger and author about women and game. He’s borderline misogynistic at times, but he’s smart, articulate, and brave enough to reveal some of the things that make the American female tick. He posts what many have thought but have been afraid to say.

Jordan Peterson

A guy who intelligently bridges the gap between personal psychology and many of today’s social issues that people are afraid to talk about. I love the way he asserts himself with his charming and dainty Canadian accent.


Chevy Chase

Kind of a goofy choice to appear in a list like this, but something about his comedy really clicked with me. Chevy always had a very subtle and unique way of making us laugh, and I give him some credit for being the guy to teach me about being funny during my formative years. Unfortunately, in the 90’s, he lost his edge and began making corny family movies. And now, by most accounts, he’s kind of a dick.

Steve Martin

Another guy with a special sense of humor. I was so moved by one of his movies that I wrote him a letter.

Ricky Gervais

He got me with The Office. He’s so bang on with his expressions and timing. And sometimes, he says some really smart stuff, too.

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