The Point System for Girls

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I like numbers, and I have a tendency to put just about everything (happiness, confidence, hunger, pain, movies, ballparks) on an easy-to-understand 1-10 scale. For girls, it’s perfect.

The Scale

Here’s how it works. You see a girl. Her face, what you can see of her body, her clothes. Her overall presentation at first glance. You tell your friend how many points she gets. The whole process takes about 5 seconds.

The scale goes from 0 to 10. Imagine the ugliest girl you have ever seen. She is a 0. A girl who is a 0 is probably too ugly to leave her house. A girl who is a 10 is the best-looking girl you have ever seen. This rating is generally reserved for celebrities who you can only dream about sleeping with. You have to assume that the “average” girl is a 5.

If you like, you can come up with separate rankings for a girl’s face and body. Sometimes, unfortunately, there can be quite a divergence between the two. You can also come up with an average rating for the whole place if you want to discuss with your friends how much trim is floating around or how ugly all the girls are. If a place is below a 5, I’d think about going elsewhere since there is no hope of it getting better. Even if a few 8’s walk in, the place is only going to become a 5.5, still not worth staying for.

And yes, the scale is subjective. Guys won’t rate every girl the same way. But you’d be amazed how consistent the ratings are from one guy to the next.

The Threshold

One guy’s 8 might not equal another guy’s 8. But generally, 8 is the point on a given guy’s scale at which he has decided that a girl is worth approaching and definitely worth sleeping with. A girl who is a 7 is still attractive, and a guy might pursue a 6 if it’s been a rough couple of months. Below that, a guy begins to compromise his dignity.

Beer Goggles

Yes, alcohol will slide the scale. Some guys are pretty good at avoiding alcohol-induced scale slippage, but other guys will chase 5’s thinking they are 8’s after just a few drinks.

Novelty Points

If you have identical twins that are each 7’s, they become 8’s due to the fact that they are identical twins and also because the prospect of bagging them both just makes the whole encounter more exciting. Therefore, identical twindom is worth +1 Novelty Point (each). Here’s the breakdown:

Great Personality
Openness to Sexual Activity
Foreign Accent (English, Australian, French, or Spanish)
Good Personality
Good Dancer
Socially Fun (drinking, jokes, etc.)
Openness to Sexual Conversation
Foreign Accent (any others)
Identical Twins (each)
Unique Clothing (particularly slutty clothes, a cowboy hat in a non-country bar, a group of girls with matching shirts, etc.)
Last Call (applies to every girl in the room)
Social Disinterest
Social Awkwardness
Bad Clothes/Make-up
Bad Plastic Surgery
Psychotic Tendencies

Subjective Points

Along with these standard Novelty Points, guys might have their own “subjective” Novelty Points. One guy might give a girl +2 if she likes death metal. Another guy might give +3 if she’s a vegetarian or -3 if she smokes. And another might give points for a particular religious affiliation. While the basic methodology is always the same, the beauty of the Point System is that it is adaptable to your particular tastes.

Points don’t accumulate, though. If you have a 0 and she has an English accent and a good personality and she’s a twin and a celebrity and a good dancer, she does not become a 8. The ugliest girl in the world does not become hot. The solution is simple. Only the single highest NP modifier counts, and the others are disregarded. In this case, the highest modifier is +3 (Celebrity), and the 0 becomes a 3. She might as well stop talking and dancing since it doesn’t help her score.

Be Careful

If a girl is savvy enough to know about the Point System and asks you how she would rate on your scale, DO NOT ANSWER HER. Unfortunately, we’re in a society with an obsession with numbers, particularly those of a sexual nature. Men are afraid to admit their penis size for fear it is too low, women are afraid to admit the number of sexual partners they’ve had for fear it is too high to be acceptable, and it’s the same way with the Point System. Any answer you give will be given intense scrutiny. Any deviation your number has from the number that the girl has in her head will be magnified to the point that they will obsess over it and wonder why you think she is less attractive than she thinks she is, giving her a complex about whatever faults she might have. If you MUST give an answer to an insistently inquisitive girl, make sure your answer is 2-3 points higher than what you really think. Or be safe and give her a “10.” Any answer that disappoints her destroys any chance you ever had of hooking up with her.

Similarly, if your guy friend asks you how you’d rate his girlfriend, either tell him that you “don’t share girlfriend rankings” or revise your honest ranking up by 3 or 4 notches. If a guy hears that the girl he is hooking up with is ranked lower than what he wants to hear, he will take offense.

People take the Point System pretty seriously, so realize that any number you bring up for discussion with someone you know or want to know will carry a lot more weight than it probably should. It gets people excited. It’s like talking about politics in DC, the Red Sox in New York, or race in Alabama. Only the Point System is universal. So be careful.


Girls of a feather flock together. Hot girls hang with hot girls, and ugly girls hang out with ugly girls (if they even leave their house). Of course, there are exceptions, but if you take a random group of girls in a social situation, they’ll usually be within 1 point of each other on the scale.

By extension, if a hot girl tells you she wants to introduce you to a friend of hers, it’s a pretty good gamble. And if an ugly girl says the same thing, proceed with caution.

Yes, Girls Do It Too

Because American society has painted a picture of girls as being fairer and more morally “correct” than guys, girls play the part, acting “sensitive” and “mature” when guys are listening. They’ll say that they like guys with “confidence” or a “sense of humor.” They won’t really say, if another guy is within earshot, that this guy is a 6 or that guy is a 9.5. They’ll say that they don’t rank guys, and that the Point System is just another example of how guys are immature and superficial.

But you know what? Girls do it, too. My friend L** confirms this. They’re just like us. And in a sick but strangely erotic way, they rate other girls, too. In the endless fight for male attention, girls need constant reminders of where they stand relative to other girls. So some girls have come to understand and use the Point System, using it as a tool to assess their competition in social situations.

So How Do Girls Rate Guys?

There’s definitely a component for looks, but looks are much less important for girls than it is for guys. Status, confidence, aggressiveness, and a sense of humor are more important qualities that girls look for.

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