Things I Love

Posted by on Dec 8, 2022 in Complaints, Silly

Everyone’s got their little joys in life. Here are some of mine.

Knowing more than the salesman

People who do the “rest in peace” thing with a napkin when they’re done with their meal

Friendly TSA people at the airport

There’s no reason to be grumpy or dick-ish. What a breath of fresh air when they are smiling and friendly (like on the demo videos you watch while you’re waiting in line).


Feels so good to be organized and prioritized.

Barely making green light

Such a pleasure knowing that you’ll get to where you’re going 25 seconds faster

Cutting ahead of someone who has slowed down to turn in the right hand lane

The open road beckons.

Getting in your car and using wipers for the first time after rain

Something satisfying about getting the big drops and softened grime off with that first wipe.

Iced tea with the perfect sweetness

Too sweet is gross, unsweet is plain. Just a little sweet? Heaven.

Guessing the time and nailing it when you check your watch or phone

Makes you feel like you’re one with the universe.

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