Posts made in June, 2008

The Ballparks

Posted by on Jun 18, 2008 in Baseball

As every baseball fan knows, the ballpark is a big part of going to a baseball game. The view, the crowd, the food. It all plays a part in the live baseball experience. A great ballpark makes a good game even better, but a shitty ballpark makes what is usually a relatively boring game intolerable.

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Courtesy is Dead

Posted by on Jun 18, 2008 in Complaints, Life

There’s not enough courtesy in the world.

People cut in line, people change lanes right in front of you without signaling. People will walk in a mall or down a sidewalk in a long chain without even thinking for a moment that there might be someone behind them who wants to get past them. And if you really want to see people at their worst, work in retail. People are SELFISH.

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