Bad Drivers Database

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Bad Drivers Database

There are lots of bad drivers out there. Most are just stupid. But a few others are just plain inconsiderate. They’ll cut you off, refuse to signal, change lanes right in front of you and slow down. Every day, they find new ways to be shitheads.

Every day, millions of people are inconvenienced by these trouble-makers. How do we stop it? Who knows. The police are busy pulling over the good guys for going 5 MPH over the limit or for not signalling on an abandoned road. Jackass drivers get away with it every time. They are never caught, never punished.

So what are we supposed to do when we are the victim? Retaliate? Take a moment to scare the shit out of them with some reckless driving of our own? No, because we’ll get pulled over. We simply have to live with it, and these drivers go on pissing off innocent people.

This web page (inspired by Phil Greenspun’s photography copyright Hall of Shame) is a way for me to say "Screw you!" to all the shitty drivers out there. It’s a way to punish those who have gone unpunished and tarnish their reputations forever. Someone will do a search for their license plate number one day and come upon this page, and they will know that this driver was a shithead.

So if you’re a prospective employer, don’t hire this guy! He’s too reckless! If you’re a prospective wife, don’t marry this guy! He’ll endanger your family! If you’re the driver, "Screw you!"

Date License Plate Offense
10/22/02 TX S25 GXM Bastard in a truck cut me off

-Jeff N.

9/8/03 TX M45 XXV First I was going to the post office to mail some stuff. I was going about 30 MPH in the right lane down the main street in my town. A car edged up to the road as if he was waiting for me to pass. As I get closer (about 15 feet away) he keeps going and pulls out right in front of me! I SLAMMED on the brakes and drove clear into the other lane to avoid smashing into his car. I missed him by INCHES. I yelled “what the hell?!” and looked at the driver. He was a little old Mexican man, edged up to the windshield like he couldn’t see or something and his entire car was filled with people (kids and grandkids?). He looked at me with a blank look, as if he had no idea what just happened.

Fast forward to a few hours later. I decided to go to Shitmart to get some potting soil for my garden. As I’m driving out of the parking lot, this car comes up from behind me, speeding across the parking lot and I stop the car. He misses me by a few feet, almost side-swiping my car. I yelled “what the hell?!” again and look at the driver. My jaw dropped. SAME F—ING GUY!!! Still looking completely oblivious to what was going on, car still packed with people.

So I went to the police station and told them what happened. They said they’d “look into it.”

It was a blue car.

-Michelle A.

11/4/03 TX 5TM G89 Funny, the similarities are astonishing. A blue Chevrolet Silverado (Truck) came very close to clipping the front of my car on a freeway off ramp and attempted to pass the car in front of me via the shoulder.

-Winston W.

12/07/03 TX D93 DWM Blue Mustang speeding and weaving through traffic.

-no name

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